Thai Body Massage Gurgaon


Price: 999/- 60 min, 1499/- 90 min. The specificity of traditional Thai massage is the way it is performed, far from other massage known to everyone. Do not use oil or any other moisturizing substances, and the customer stays in loose clothing all the time. The masseur uses all his body (ie hands, wrists, thumbs, knees or feet) to perform the procedure. The advantages of traditional thai body massage in Gurgaon:

it stretches and relaxes the muscles while strengthening them
improves mobility
supports the work of the immune system
supports the work of the digestive system, while regulating metabolism
removes toxins and free radicals from the body
helps in the fight against depression, tension and stress
helps in weight loss - reduces cellulite, firms and shapes the figure

Many call this type of massage “yoga for the lazy”, because the layout of the massaged body changes during the procedure, taking on more and more different positions, characteristic of traditional yoga. It is based on five basic body positions: sitting and inverted, lying in front, back and on the side. Thai massage is one of the oldest forms of massage as we know it. Legend has it that the first Thai massage was made 2500 years ago by a Buddha’s personal physician. By combining the techniques of acupressure and delicate, passive yoga, he aimed to introduce massaged into a state of relaxation.

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