Classical Massage Techniques, Benefits and History

The word massage in our language is derived from the words ına mass ına which means Arabic touch and ”massein Yunanca which means kneading in Greek. Massage; stimulation of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, internal organs, metabolism, circulatory and lymphatic systems for mechanical and neural (reflex) treatment purposes; It is a method of increasing regional blood circulation with various strokes and scrubs and expanding the vessels to provide more blood to the tissue. Physiological and psychological effects on the organism are created by massage, systematically manipulating soft tissues mechanically. Body, hand, electricity, water and so on. treatment, care and relaxation are provided.

Massage is not a pleasure or luxury, but a medical need and a preventive medical treatment that should be taken at regular intervals.

Massage, rehabilitation of a sick or tired organ; It is a form of therapy based on the deep physiological effects of the mechanical energy generated on the organism to return to the same old state.

Massage in our country is done in a very wide area and is done. These include sports clubs, saunas, houses, baths, spas, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, hospitals, hotels, holiday villages and massage centers. Massage is one of the oldest methods of treatment that has been heard by almost everyone and is thought to be very easy to apply. In addition to being a treatment method, it is possible to benefit from its effects on the organism in various ways. Sports massage is one of them.

Benefits of Massage

Massage can be applied to dissolve and remove wound tissues and adhesions, muscle spasm, tendon inflammation, insomnia and neurasthenia, muscle cramps and injuries after acute period, migraine, tension type and hypertension, headaches, painful menstrual periods, constipation and painful points.

Two effects occur during massage treatments. The first one is the acceleration of blood circulation in the application site, in some cases the whole body and in some cases in certain regions, the other is the increase of the release of certain hormones in the body by the pressure on certain regions and the regulation of these hormones.

Since the vena (balls vein) system is operated 4 to 20 times faster at the time of massage, the aid of the massage to the heart and the veins is extraordinary as it makes it easier to get the dirty blood to the heart.

Since the lymphatic system and hormonal system are triggered by massage, the body’s resistance to diseases is increased by providing the therapeutic substances in the body to be transferred to the massage area and many serious diseases that are in the initial stage can be treated.

Perhaps the most important point emphasizing the necessity of massage is the ability of the massage to prevent many possible serious health problems.

As the natural drug produced by the body during the massage and endorphin is more effective than morphine, the person receiving the massage provides extraordinary relaxation; it is also possible to regard massage as an antidepressant and psychological therapy without side effects.

Massage Types

In the classification of classical massage, three subgroups were defined as resting, treatment and sports massage.

Relaxing Massage: It is a massage performed at any time of the day whether after sauna or to remove toxins from daily fatigue.

Medical Massage: These are massages made by masseurs who are directed and trained by a doctor. In Europe, massage is a form of treatment that can be prescribed by the doctor and covered by insurance.

Sports Massage: It is a form of massage which is effective in the physiological and physical development of athletes. Sports massage is a concept formed by the planning of classical massage towards different aims than the five known movements. With this aspect, it can be defined in three groups as sports massage, preparation massage, between and after sports massage. In particular, Swedish (Classic) Massage, Thai massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Sports originating from various cultures and aimed for different purposes. Massage, Anti Cellulite Massage, Lymph Drainage, Regional Massages, Neck and Back Massage, Acupressure, Ayurvedic Massage, Chavutti Thirumal, Indian Head Massage, Lomi Lomi Hawaii Massage, Shiatsu, Balinese massage, Tantra massage, Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Tui Na, General Massage, Anti-stress massage, Lymphdranage massage, Facial massage, Medical massage, Pregnant massage, Turkish bath massage, Hammam cure, Cleopatra massage (with seaweed), Sultan massage (with clay), Aloe vera massage, Mandara massage, Nefertiti massage, Wine therapy, Chocolate therapy, Coffee peeling and coffee aroma, Cuban massage, Traditional Roman massage, Gold therapy, Watsu, Hot stone massage… lyre.

When it comes to massage, especially in our country, unfortunately, what comes to mind quite often is sexuality, sex and fantasy. According to the researches conducted in the world, only 5% of the massages are used for fantasy purposes, while 70% of the massages are purchased for health and illness and 20% for the tourism sector. In Europe, massage is a form of treatment that can be prescribed by the doctor and covered by insurance. For this reason, when it comes to massage, sexuality comes to mind. It is very important for massage therapists to perform the massage in accordance with the Code of Ethics.

Classical Massage Techniques (Manipulations)

    Stroking (Exfoliating, Stroking)
        Superficial euphoria
        Deep euphoria
    Kneading (Petrisaj, Kneading)
    Stroke (Bumping, Tapotman, Percussion, Percussion)
        With Hand Edge
        With Hand Back
        With Palm
        With Fist
        Tapping (gently tapping)
    Dot Printing (Friction)
        Fixed Point Printing
        Circular Dot Printing

Cases where massage cannot be performed

The massage must be performed by the right people. Otherwise, massage can damage the tissues. If there is a fracture in one part of the body that is not fully fused, it can cause the fracture to regrow, if there is a vascular blockage, it may increase the risk of throwing clots, and tears and injuries may occur in the muscles. Incorrectly applied massage does not provide any benefit to any body.

Vascular stenosis and obstruction, bleeding tendency and clotting disorders, arthritis of the skin, skin infections and diseases, cancer, acute infectious diseases and acute injuries where massage can not be applied. It is also harmful to have a massage immediately after the meal.

Massage History

Massage, primarily as an effective application to meet the need to be touched by people has been an ongoing activity for thousands of years. Because human contact is an important element both in instilling a sense of trust in the person and in making him feel much better through positive electrical transmission.

The first known applications of massage BC. It is known that it was built in China and India in the 3000s. The first known written sources on this subject were handled by ancient Greek physicians. In ancient Greece, the word ein massein yoğ meant kneading. As it is known, the most obvious manipulation of massage is kneading. Since then, massage is an activity applied for the purpose of relaxation and relaxation in daily life. However, the therapeutic feature of massage has been used for centuries.

Indian, Chinese, Persian, Greek and Egyptians used massages for different purposes. The word origin of massage is based on these ancient civilizations. The words er masser Hint in Indian language, “mess ada in Arabic, hes meshes e in Hebrew, and“ massein ada in Greek mean stroking and kneading. In ancient times, massage oils were prepared with fragrant herbs mixed with olive oil in Aegean civilizations. Homer stated in the famous Iliad Odessa epics that the heroes rub their bodies with fragrant oils after washing. Starting from ancient Greece, during the Roman Empire, especially during the Olympic Games and all kinds of sporting events, massage was used. At that time, athletes were rubbed with preparative oil before the encounter.

In our culture, hamam massage. Was performed in the form of bladder, arm and leg stretching and sometimes bumping in the bath culture.

Today, all of the massage techniques that are known all over the world are of eastern origin, but they have been introduced to the world by western culture and it has been realized by westerners in the last 50-60 years.

Today, classical massage (Russian-Swedish massage) started to take shape especially in the early 19th century and in the last century of the century, especially Hoffa’s definitions of characteristic massage manipulations were made. Various massage methods have been developed to the present day, which are classified as ooflerage, petrisage, friction, percussion and vibration. Classical massage forms the basis of all other massage techniques since the basics of massage techniques are based on these five manipulation techniques.

Far Eastern origin massages have reached the present day more than thousands of years as the practices that outweigh the spiritual technique rather than the western technique. Especially used in the body with aromatic oils.

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